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Location we ship to

Aviad offers international shipping

Aviad ships worldwide to nearly every country across the globe, covering North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and more. We employ the services of major, trusted international carriers to ensure your package arrives to your destination safely and securely.

Please contact us to ask information we search the best way to make chiper offer.


This price it's only orientative and based on our most important product the zigolo mg12.

on the kit Zigolo we prefer add insurance on the transport about 100€


The freight measures are :

Cm 47x57x80   43kg

Cm 28x27x380 57kg 



On the value of shipment may be a variation of about + or - 3% for the variation in fuel costs, this amount will be adjusted on the last invoice.

example:on the standard price 600€ can be adjusted to 576€ or 624€

but remember this data can change and is not our responsibility


Aviad cooperate with excellent freight forwarder partner, we provide delivery to home door to door via DHL / Fedex / UPS. we can ship to 173 countries worldwide now. also we can shipping by sea or by airfreight.

We accept 4 shiping methods:

1, Shipping by DHL / Fedex / UPS.
2, Shipping by Sea or Airfreight.
3, Shipping by ‘third party logistics.


Tax and duties

The Vat and Tax depend For each countries rule all our product are of European origin.
If in your countries we have dealer please contact him to know your final price tax and duty will be comunicate from him, in his web you will find the total amount.

for sale direct with private client were we have not dealer
1) our products price does not include any tax. 
2) When the product arrive at the buyer's country, buyer maybe needs to pay Customs duties and Vat
3) the total price of the kit Zigolo will be divede in 3 invoice the first will be pay the 7% of tax, the second is the ammount of raw material and will pay the value of your percentage of tax and duties if is present in your countries, the last is the accessories this invoice can be with 22% Vat (actual italian Vat) if is europe sales or without Vat if is out of EU.


On the optional like parachute and engine ( origin italian) vat will be paid direct at the sales on the invoice if is shiped in EU, for other country the procedure will be same at the kit ZigoloMg12 the Vat and duties depend for each countries and will be directly when the goods will be delivered, on the our second invoice we don't add any Tax.





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