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New Batch Extended Electric Aircraft Zigolo Mg12

We recently very successfully flew the Zigolo Mg12 (Electrolite) with electric power.

Actually, Chip Erwin made the test flights in USA.

The New Light Electric Zigolo has 45-50 minutes endurance plus very impressive power with only a 100 foot take-off. You can see a short introduction video here:

Aviad offer will be actualized with this engine option, you are free to choose a kit without an engine and buy an electric system later, the modification will come with the electric system.

We are close to the end of July to close this offer, and we have many information requests but only few forms signed. I remember this link to read our offer

and price for this batch.

Zigolo Mg12 Electrolite

If you are really interest please compile this form:

Don't worry about errors in our forms, We will contact you after we have collected the forms. If we have enough order interest we will then request a deposit to confirm the orders.

At the moment we have not collected any money, But Now to Concrete the interest across Forms we need a payment of 100€ request by paypal, this is valid for plans and Zigolo 2020 batch;

If we don't Start Batch or Construction Plans we send back to you money with pay pall. We are extending this offer until September to give more time and keep alive this batch 2020.

Best Regards

Francesco Di Martino


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