Zigolo Mg12 Standard Plans

In March 2020 we started the promotion of Zigolo mg12 in order to find out how much interest our followers would have in building it from plans or kits.

We planned to modify the Zigolo mg12 to simplify for self construction, we have concluded that it is not viable to offer the modified Zigolo mg12 from plans.

Although we received sufficient interest to continue offering the Zigolo mg12 in standard version without any modification.

in mean time we collected some small advance from the interest customer to check the quantity of plans and kit necessary, Our aim was to offer a competitive price by collect sufficient customer, due to few response, we chose to offer it standard, we are in contact with some customer that have interest to build it without any modification.

Due of component complex of Zigolo Mg12 we take decision to offer it with some necessary part to build it, this permit to find by his self the accessories needed and simplify drastically the construction.

The offer include.

assistance by what's app in English Spanish and Italian

This is the offer for one single construction, but if after your first build you want make another another kits for your friends and make it regular will be possible without the assistance cost and assembly plans cost.

All Builder Of Zigolo Mg12 Standard will be added a dedicate blog, I will follow the discussion and we will answer at all question, also you can write me directly to ask concrete information with "what`s app" or "messenger"