Zigolo MG12 to Zigolo MG20

In March we started the promotion of Zigolo mg12 in order to find out how much interest our followers would have in building it from plans or kits. We have concluded that it is not viable to offer the modified Zigolo mg12 from plans we will only offer Standard Version of Zigolo Mg12. Although we received sufficient interest to continue offering the Zigolo mg12 in kit. Our aim was to offer a competitive price by producing 20 units but due to the current situation of Covid 19 we haven’t been able to achieve that number. In the last 2 years we have worked on a completely new project to produce a new aircraft single place made entirely in aluminium and made many structural successful tests. Flying tests on this aircraft will start very soon. It is a new aircraft with different characteristics to Zigolo mg12 and will need some time to become a commercial product. With all this knowledge we have been able to adapt the Zigolo mg12 to convert it in a new tested version that we have called Zigolo mg20 For all our followers and those interested in Zigolo mg12 who dream to fly a wonderful aircraft with noble characteristics such as a nice and slow open cockpit flight. I have decided to offer to all customers who paid some amount in advance for the Zigolo mg12 the possibility to buy the 2020 version of Zigolo mg12. The Zigolo Mg20 is an evolution of Zigolo Mg12, we’ve worked on aerodynamics to improve and reduce his dimension and adopt different production approaches, we’ve worked to improve his characteristics and we have optimized it to be produced in small batch, we’ve adapted it after those years of experience and we’ve based our improvement on our client’s feedback. The following improvements will be available in the kit. wings in sheet metal. 6061T6 fuselage in 25cd4 is completely welded TIG and ready to be bolted with the wings. wing span reduced with same efficiency and 20 km/h improvements cruise speed 70 to 80 km/h and better climb rate 3 3-5 m/s, This Is data mathematically calculated. new mass position to support new engines in the market, we will start with Polini 250 or Cosmos 300. The New parachute position with the same pneumatic system. Diferencial brake system for better ground taxing. Less drag and less cable on the structure. We intend to build the kit with many parts assembled and this will result on saving time on the assembly manual but adding some more working hours in the shop. I believe many customers will appreciate this system because it will make it faster and easier to assemble (we have completely removed the fabric on the aircraft) although this will increase the shipment price due to the volume. In the project evaluation we have seen that it is more convenient for the customer as it is less work and the final price to the customer has little change. We have decided to offer the Evolution of Zigolo mg 12 to every client who has agreed on the Zigolo mg12. The batch will be produced in 5 kit. If you are interested in this type of aircraft we will be happy to send you more details directly. We actually are organized to Mechanize all components in our workshop. Materials purchasing ( Aluminium 6061T6 sheets and chrome steel 4130) start this month. we are already starting!