Fly like a eagle in complete freedom and safety with a 3-axis airplane, with a wide view, open cockpit.

Feel free to travel with your aircraft or carry it in your trailer, forgot hangar cost, fold it and stock in your garage!

Zigolo Mg 21 The kit is available for sale, It is classified as ultralight, SSDR and Class120 


Free to move

The Zigolo mg 21 is designed to be folded in a few movements by a single person, tested over 8000 km on road transport with trailer. The innovative folding wing system allows a plane to be ready to fly in just 2 minutes.

Avoid you hangar cost and use your garage every day or stock it in your trailer.

The best Minimalistic flying!

Everything you need and not much else! Take off in 120 meter, climb with the 35hp at 1000 f/m 

gasoline engine or Flight with electric motor Zigolo mg21 operate on runway of 200 meters, flying with a cruise of 100 km / h 

Passion of fly

if you are tired of flying in closed airplanes and you need a new stimulus for your passion for flying, with this aircraft we have brought the performance of open cabin flying to the maximum, you will smile again every time you fly on this airplane with responsive controls, safe and friendly to piloting, and max of performance with open cockpit.

Assembly yourself

is specifically designed for simple construction from Kit and low cost of ownership, it has a traditional tubular frame structure and simple bonded fabric covering thus providing a very robust design.


Our sales network allows us to give assistance and help you in the construction in your language Italian, French, German, English, Spanish

New design details

A new cockpit with instrument panel that provides an exceptionally wide field of view that can be closed, The throttle control of the engine on the left or right hand, ultralight aircraft safe and easy to fly all metal construction.


Zigolo MG 21 video