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Let's take to the skies and have fun again with the TrueLite!

TrueLite, the aircraft that will mark a before and after in light aviation.

We are excited to announce that its production will begin in October at our new factory in 2023, turning this exciting project into a reality.


During rigorous flight tests, the TrueLite, before named Zigolo MG21, has demonstrated its exceptional performance in challenging conditions, such as high-altitude landings and adverse weather conditions. Our team has traveled extensively and gathered feedback, presenting this aircraft at aeronautical events, leaving a lasting impression on all spectators.

We are now updating this project based on the feedback we have received, and with a few adjustments, we will have the perfect project for the aviation world to know about!


We are looking for passionate distributors who want to be part of this incredible adventure. We offer different kit configurations, from the complete base kit to the fully assembled aircraft, and we need qualified personnel in other countries to meet the needs of aviation enthusiasts.


Furthermore, we recognize that there are many aviation enthusiasts, from experienced companies in the field to pilots with years of experience, who want to drive our initiative. We have a great innovative and sustainable idea that will not only provide a return to our investors and jobs to our collaborators but also revive aviation and stimulate the entire market. We extend a special invitation to passionate investors who want to join us on this exciting journey.

Your financial support will be crucial to launching this initiative, driving growth, and ensuring the continued success of the new TrueLite.


Join us and be part of aviation history! We are ready to take off to new heights, and we want you on board.

Grow Your Vision

Here, you will have access to a private page where you can provide us with your contact information. This will allow us to understand how we can collaborate together, and in return, we will grant you access to our innovative idea.

Click here to submit this form, specially designed for collaboration, before signing in.

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