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Performance & Specs


Zigolo Mg 21 is a three-axis aircraft with a high wing with 1 struts and tail boom in sheet metal. According to the main configuration it is powered by pushing propeller (see paragraph). It has a two wheel amortized landing gear 7075 conical bar, which is installed almost in front of center of gravity to simplify the movements on the ground, while there is a small wheel in the tail.
The Zigolo MG21 has sheet metal 6061T6 aluminum frame. The parts are fixed with AN bolts and rivets. The whole structure of the aircraft is made from fuselage than support the wing and the tail surface, the wings are foldable in 2 minutes from one person only.
The controls are operated in the traditional way using tie rods for the rudder and Bowden cables for the pitch and roll.
The lining of the wing surfaces is done in Shrink Dacron cloth with painted finish.

Kits detail 

More detail under construction 

We are preparing the complete documentation of the kit, the assembly and construction manuals, and the DGAC certification at the same time as we are producing the first batch.
You can refer to the documentation of the previous model to get a better understanding, even if the latter will be done with 10 years of expertise in the construction and design of kits.

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