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To enable any pilot to realise the dream of flight in a flying machine crafted using everyday tools and built a normal garage. To do this at an affordable price and with the maximum safety. Combining science and modern materials to create the simplest of flying machines which give the real experience of flight in the most efficient way and fuel the passion to be airborne in your very own aircraft.


Kit Zigolo Mg12

Zigolo Mg12

The AVIAD Zigolo MG12 an innovation Inspired by Mike Sandlin's Goat Airchair is a SSDR (Single Seat De-Regulated) ultralight motor glider offering an alternative flying experience.

Single seat Ultralight

Zigolo Mg12 ( motor-glider 2013) with a Maximum takeoff weight 220kg and empty wheight 95kg This aircraft meets the USA FAA FAR Part 103 rules for UL (SSDR) aircraft in USA, class120 in Germany and ultralight and other countries.

Ultralight Motorfloater

Aviad developed this idea to make available to customers a glider kit powered by  PPG motor with improved construction and better flight characteristics, to make possible a low cost production and certification in countries where necessary.

Ultralight kit 

Specifically designed for simple construction and low cost of ownership,
The Zigolos design also provides easily constructed airframe assembly modules, is ideally suited for home build construction and road trailer transportation.


Detail frame

Safety accessories

Zigolo Mg12 is designed to be equipped with ballistic parachute recovery system is included as a standard item for ultimate emergency to save the aircraft with his pilot. The parachute is positioned in an excellent position for the launch by means of pneumatic ejector, it is connected with the structural part of  airplane and and the safety belt.

Fun and slow fly

Zigolo Mg12 It has slow flight characteristics, fly with a speed range of 35-95 km \ hr (22-60 m.p.h.), good stability and a short landing and takeoff distance of 100 feet. This feature improve the security in his piloting and will permit a easy use for pilote with limited experience his Glider performance perfectly suited for fun flying.


Zigolo Mg12 has a traditional tubular frame structure and simple bonded fabric covering thus providing a very robust design. It incorporates several additional novel design features, a forward pilot cockpit protected by the fuselage frame work. The rear mounted pusher engine with propeller and the fuel tank are also contained within the airframe offering further protection.


Detail of design

Joy stick

The joy stick mounted engine throttle control further simplifies the aircraft’s flight controls enabling additional tasks to be achieved by the pilot in flight.


Zigolo MG12 is manufactured with advanced equipment and the latest generation, all materials come by certified companies and are checked before shipping.   

test load.JPG

Test load

On The Zigolo Accurate tests are made according to the regulations before that first test flights. Our products are analyzed by us and rechecked together with our partners.

shock absorber.JPG

Shock Absorber

Additionally the shock absorbing undercarriage and the impact skid beneath the pilots seat further protects the occupant in cases of heavier than normal landings.

asiial and bending load.JPG

3d Analisys

Zigolo Mg12 is designed with the use of 3d analysis to improve the structure and optimize the weights.

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