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To enable any pilot to realise the dream of flight in a flying machine crafted using everyday tools and built a normal garage. To do this at an affordable price and with the maximum safety. Combining science and modern materials to create the simplest of flying machines which give the real experience of flight in the most efficient way and fuel the passion to be airborne in your very own aircraft.


Zigolo Mg12

Ultralight Motorfloater

Inspired from the Sg 38 1920's Zoegling Primary Glider
glider used by german pilots after the first world war to train the pilot to fly.

This Glider was made from many other builders like Orlando Iannotta with his Zefiro and most recently for Mike Sandlin with Goat and Bloop.

The Aviad Zigolo mg12 was proposed to make available a simple Commercial kit and give the freedom to take off alone and practice the thermal flight.

The Aviad Zigolo Mg12 is partly inspired in it, but his dimensions, structure and components are completely different;
Sandlin also made a motorized version of his biplane, the Bloop, demonstrating that a librarian with. 
good flight characteristics can be motorized with very few horses using light engines single-cylinder paramotors.

The Aviad Zigolo Mg12 is, in fact, made with modern materials and with an assembly technique in kits for anyone,
without giving up on solutions however "advanced" and with a
particular attention to safety; but it is also designed for a
dual use, as motor glider is able to take off and fly independently with good autonomy and to sail in thermal a engine off, or as a glider.



Zigolo Plans Mg12

Aviad has sold more than 50 kits, around the world. When we started we produce the all components and prepared a completed kit to permit the building form simple manual, this was a big work but also a good strategy, this has allowed all our customers build their aircraft, only few person stopped his construction and asked for help, so it is definitely a great project and a good system to share it. Some countries have less economical power, but the same passion for flying, our intention is to extend worldwide this wonderful aircraft, with a good support and a professional knowledge. We want to use the same strategy, using standard parts for all aircraft, testing system and allowing most people to end and flight it. 


We test carefully all our products, aircraft components and building method personally, but this time we must adapt the plans to different countries or material, we are able to study and design the variant to adapt better at home build construction.

If you want more information and start this dream with us, we make available for you all documents of our kits. 

This include:


  • Assembly Manual of assemblies modules

  • Flight Manual 

  • Pictures and details of Zigolo Mg12 and customer picture

  • Pdf 3d of Zigolo Mg12 Modules

  • Exploded video of assemblies modules

  • Excel list and macro to identify all components with pictures.

  • Trailers Plans

  • optionals pictures and manual

  • Poster Zigolo mg12 3  view + isometric



Also we open the presale of construction plans, joining the presale will give you the opportunity to communicate your interest in joint production of parts of zigolo and will make us understand, what prefabricated components you need, what you can do in your country, we take care also to list the suppliers and the specific code to buy the correct components.
We cannot all be satisfied, but we can at least have an idea allout how we need to change the design Zigolo plans Mg12 version.
We are happy to start this great project with you!

Agree at our Presale and make your questions. We will prepare a standard Forms to start the modify and distribute the plans.

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