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Fly in complete freedom and safety with a 3-axis airplane, with a wide view, feel the thermals and soar like an Eagle!

Zigolo Mg 12 Inspired from the glider Goat of Mike Sandlin It was designed by Aviad Francesco Di Martino in 2012 and start production in 2013.

The kit is available for sale, over 51 kits have been shipped. It is classified as a Part 103 ultralight, SSDR and Class120 


Free to move

The Zigolo design also provides easily constructed airframe assembly modules and is ideally suited for road trailer transportation.The new quick-remove wing system enables a ready-to-fly aircraft only takes a couple of minutes per wing to detach from the airframe.

Minimalistic flying!

Everything you need and not much else! Take off in 50 meter, climb with the 25hp gasoline engine or Flight with electric Zigolo take-off in  30 meter well-proven and respected  feel the thermals and soar like an Eagle!

Passion of fly

It has slow flight characteristics plus a short landing and takeoff distance of 50 meters. This is a new departure in the form of a minimal three axis SSDR Motor Glider perfectly suited for fun flying. 

Assembly yourself

is specifically designed for simple construction from Kit and low cost of ownership, it has a traditional tubular frame structure and simple bonded fabric covering thus providing a very robust design.


Our sales network allows us to give assistance and help you in the construction in your language Italian, French, German, English, Spanish

New design details

A forward pilot cockpit providing an exceptionally wide field of view. The joy stick mounted engine throttle control further simplifies the aircraft’s flight controls of this ultralight, easy and safe to fly.