Shock absorber

develop and adaptability on retractable landing gear application.

Shock absorber

Main landing gear

The Aviad Ultralight Shock Absorber has been designed to be simple, light, requires no maintenance and is adaptable to many different aircraft. 

The Aviad Shock Absorber replaces the rubber pad. This arrangement has been statically tested to over 1000 kg without permanent deformation. The Shock Absorber can also be used on the main landing gear with the particular advantage that load reversal does not create variations in damping due to a unique design feature that reduces the impact load from 'harsh' landings.

Total Safe

Of course safety is our primary concern so we have double security which in the event of failure would prevent the propeller impacting the ground or wing damage from main landing gear failure. You can see from the photo that the buffer would support the cylinder even in the event of a total loss of pressure. The geometry of the lower joint is completely adjustable and pre-flight checks are simple with a visual inspection. You can see the adjustment taking place using a high pressure pump and pressure gauge - A simple procedure which can done without electrical power in the middle of the airfield.