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Price and presale

New TrueLite

The new TrueLite is in production.

It took its first flight in November 2021 and concluded flight tests in July 2022.

The designer drove through Spain, Italy, and a portion of the French Alps with the plane hauled on his trailer, piloted and demonstrated the plane in Italian rallies, and flew the plane in various runway conditions.
We put the plane through rigorous testing in every aspect of its flight envelope and operation.

We folded the plane every day and transported it to different airports, Short landing tests, at high altitude airports, in the highlands, and in hot, cold, windy and turbulent air.
With great satisfaction, we were able to verify the functioning of our new aircraft.


More detailed information, about the kit and the packaging, will be added during the first production batch, we have to create material to publish, but first of all we want to respect the delivery date and send the first kits to our first customers.

Buy a TrueLite

Introduction to TrueLite:

We are pleased to introduce our new aircraft, TrueLite. Although its arrival has been delayed for two main reasons, we are confident that the improvements and adaptations we have implemented will be to your complete satisfaction.

First, we decided to relocate to a larger space, adjacent to the AirSport Viladamat airfield in Girona. This relocation has not only provided us with better facilities but has also given us more space for testing and the incorporation of new collaborators who will participate in the assembly of the advanced kit and the fully assembled aircraft.

Secondly, we set out to adapt our TrueLite aircraft to different markets, such as the American one, which demanded an even lower stall speed than the existing one. Thus, we have made significant adjustments such as the installation of flaps, the predisposition for larger wheels for STOL use, and an expanded space between the seat and the pedals, allowing a wider range of pilots to enjoy the aircraft.

Shipping Modalities of TrueLite:

Thanks to our new position, TrueLite has been specifically optimized for international shipments, allowing us to send it directly to many countries at a very attractive cost. We offer three kit configurations:

  1. Basic Kit: Includes all components and accessories, the engine, and electrical wiring.

  2. Advanced Kit or quick build: Based on the basic kit but with all components pre-assembled. This greatly simplifies assembly.

  3. Fully Built (Ready for wing assembly to the fuselage and fly): Ideal for those looking for a finished product.

For customers near our headquarters, we offer the option to pick up their plane directly, providing a more personalized experience.

How to Get Your TrueLite:

We work with production batches, so available kits are delivered based on the order of payment confirmation. Those customers who have completed the payment of their deposit, which represents approximately 50% of the total value of the kit, will be the first to receive their order. If you have a priority ticket, you will have the advantage of accessing this opportunity before any new interested party.


If you are interested in distribution possibilities or collaborations, please contact us to discuss further details.

This price are excluded your countries vat, shipping price have low impact on total amount.

Every year, we will adjust the prices; these prices may differ depending on the production batch; only orders confirmed with an advance payment are blocked The pricing may vary slightly depending on the instrument arrangement. 

Priority list on TrueLite


The presale is a request of interest in the first step of production, enables you to order a kit and get a discount before production starts.

This Is a refundable amount.

we will get in touch constantly, with news letter and our blog, if you don't receive our mail, please check your spam box.


 follows item:​​

  • TrueLite

The presale for this batch is almost over, and we have exceeded our manufacturing goals.

We leave this list open for the most recent kits available because we had some customers who, for technical reasons, chose to use their tiket for the following production.

*Paypal Payment priority list have tax about 5% on total amount, we include and pay it,  the fee from paypal are not included in refundable amount. 
The tax are included in the our published price.

Request offer TrueLite


Please respond to the message we sent you to confirm your email. We'll send you an offer based on your request, so check your spam and mark this address as reliable.

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