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Plans price and presale

Kit Zigolo Mg12

Kit Zigolo Mg12

Zigolo Mg12 Standard Plans
In March 2020 we started the promotion of Zigolo mg12 in order to find out how much interest our followers would have in building it from plans or kits. Actualy Zigolo Mg12 like complete kit is out of production, we will manage only the plans and the more complex component to convert it in very inexpensive and basic kits.

We are in process to modify the Zigolo mg12 to simplify for self construction, we will provide all plates to assemble it and the most complicated parts, you will be able to buy from specialized aircraft parts the all components include tube and accessories needed to make it by yourself.

Actually is on sale the Assembly manual of Zigolo mg12, with all information you need to understand how it is made.

Actually we collected a small advance, refundable amount of 100€ to confirm your interest in this very basic kit.  
Also you will help us understand the quantity of plans and kit necessary, Our aim was to offer a competitive price.

Prices of Basic kit Zigolo mg12 2021 Pricelist
kit mg12 price.PNG
Order info Form Zigolo mg12

Please respond to the message we sent you in order to confirm your email. We will send you an offer based on your request, so please check your spam folder and mark this address as a trusted sender.

Zigolo Mg12 Assembly Manuals


  • Assembly Manual of assemblies modules

  • Flight Manual 

  • Pictures and details of Zigolo Mg12 and customer picture

  • Pdf 3d of Zigolo Mg12 Modules

  • Exploded video of assemblies modules

  • Excel list and macro to identify all components with pictures.

  • Trailers Plans

  • optionals pictures and manual

  • Poster Zigolo mg12 3  view + isometric

Preorder Kits Plans or Parts


The presale is a request of interest in the first step of production and allows you to agree to a special offer and be the first on the batch.

Also give you the opportunity to communicate your interest in joint production of parts of zigolo Mg12.

 will make us understand, what prefabricated components you need, what you can do in your country, we take care also to list the suppliers and the specific code to buy the correct components.

This Is a refundable amount.

we will get in touch constantly, with news letter and our blog, if you don't receive our mail, please check your spam box.


 follows item:​​

  • Zigolo Mg12 basic kit Separate Parts

*Paypal Payment have tax about 5% on total amount, we include and pay it,  the fee from paypal are not included in refundable amount. 
The tax are included in the our published price.

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