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From USA.

Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences Building, 1225 W Dayton St, Madison, WI 53706, Stati Uniti

writed By CHip W.Erwin

Time for a Zigolo report! Finally after some incredible freight delays 3 Zigolo kits arrived to USA customers. Grant Petty received his first being closer to Italy than our TX and OR customers who had to wait over a long weekend. Grant also added the builder-assist program which normally would mean building in Florida but it is too stinkin hot for that this time of year. And the cost of shipping a finished Zigolo vs the cost of shipping me on a budget airline results in an on-site builder program. This makes a lot of sense and I think it will become more normal than the exception.

The best blog to read (besides mine of course) is Grant’s Zigolo build blog. He adds a lot more interesting background: 

Builder prep means arranging four large build tables and a couple smaller parts tables plus the tools and supplies and most importantly, some music. Next sort out parts by assembly and arrange hardware by size and type. That completed in the first 1/2 day we got on with the assembly. 

Grant managed to recruit some slave labor in the form of grad and ex-students. They helped keep the build going quickly.

 In just 3 days we have most of the assemblies assembled and the wing ‘ladder’ framed out.

By day 4 we were ready to cover and managed to get the rudder and vertical stabilizer covered in about 1 hour each. The next day they would be ready for shrinking but the next day Grant would be in Germany so the build program is on hold until his return.

I would say we are all pleased with the progress. We are some 75% done in 4 days. Ribs need to be assembled and installed then the wing can be covered. Maybe 2-3 more days of work for 2 people and this Zigolo is ready for painting!!!! 

Of course it helps that this is my 4th Zigolo build. For those new builders I know it looks like a big challenge to sort out all the parts, where they go, and how they go together. Just get started and remember to take your time and enjoy the build. We pushed pretty hard on Grant’s Zigolo as he wants to fly this summer. That will surly happen. 

I have an idea that a ‘jump-start’ program might be helpful for the Zigolo. For example after the kit arrives to the customer I would show up for 2-3 days and explain how everything is organize and goes together. This action could save the builder dozens of hours of staring at the plans and swearing at the designers…… What do my 12 blog readers think about this idear?

Now it is time to prepare for the big Oshkosh show. This will mark my 37th straight Oshkosh. It is always the same but every year different…. 



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