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Francesco Di Martino, the company's owner, personally made the flights to ensure a safe and reliable product. Aviad was founded out of a passion for flying as designs and produces light aircraft.
Our clients' pleasure is important to us because it helps us develop and improve our initiatives.


kit preparation, international shipping, direct assistance to our customers and retailers for the assembly of our products.



Aviad was founded by Francesco Di Martino in February 2007 to build and design aircraft components, landing gear retraction systems and aeronautical welding. It was created to combine expertise in the field of mechanics to the passion of the flight.

Francesco Di Martino Born in Turin Italy and owner of the company to Aviad began working in 1998 in the field of mechanical engineering and automation, passionate and flight mechanical specializes in Tig welding, mechanics and structural design in CAD. He continued his studies as a self-taught in 'aeronautical engineering. Fly paragliding, paramotor and 3 axis airplanes since 2000, carries out test flights and test of its airplanes. Over the years like Aviad  working in collaboration with several companies has developed considerable experience on the field.

Aviad is specialized in the design and manufacture of precision mechanical components including reach trucks, shock absorbers, engine guards, TIG welding and mechanical CAD design, and light aircraft.

The more important project was also developed in the Marche, Italy


performing the maiden flight on 18 \ 4 \ 2012, giving life to the Zigolo MG12 kit "minimal aircraft "that sold 14 kits worldwide in the first 7 months. The first series of aircraft has flown in Italy in March 2013. Actually sold more than 50 kits


Aviad has seen its customers complete the first series of aircraft which have soared in Qatar and Florida on 08 \ 01 \ 2014.

Currently the main business is production of Light aircraft

Francesco Di Martino provides assistance and advice to amateur builders of the Zigolo. Aviad follow the production of Zigolo Mg12 also operates as an advisor for other aviation companies aiding the realization of their projects and optimization of production processes. 






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Zigolo mg21

The Zigolo mg21 is unique open cockpit view great cruise speed, lighter in his category and completely foldable for easy transport. you can flight like eagle now with robust sheet metal construction and avoid any cost of Hangar this model is evolution of  ultralight in that it not only may be flown like a classic ultralight in smooth dawn or evening patrol conditions but also performs for cross country with good performance. 

Zigolo mg12

The Aviad Zigolo mg12 was proposed to make available a simple Commercial kit and give the freedom to take off alone and practice the thermal flight. Now The Zigolo is available to build it form construction Plans!

I also Perfect for electric Flight, Zigolo has 45-50 minutes endurance plus very impressive power with only a  30 meter take-off 


Our air suspension has been specially designed to aviation application it's simple and light, in this version the application is nose leg Tecnam landing gear, the test during the more then 10 year give at this product great reliability the load is fully adjustable through the pump. 

The dumping effect improve the quality of this great aircraft.


We would like to inform all interested parties and industry experts that the requirements for becoming a distributor of this project have been established.

Those companies interested in the production, distribution are welcome to inquire about possible collaboration opportunities.

Zigolo Mg 12
Shock absorber
P92-P96 shock aborber


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