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AVIAD TrueLite order confirmation

TrueLite Far103, Zigolo Mg21

We have some fantastic news about the manufacturing of TrueLite (formerly known as Zigolo mg21)! We decided to change the name to TrueLite to simplify and differentiate it from the Zigolo mg12 model. Furthermore, the name TrueLite accurately represents its true essence: a unique lightweight aircraft that adheres to the specific requirement of a dry weight below 115 kg, including the parachute.

We are pleased to confirm that production of TrueLite is scheduled to commence in October. Throughout this exciting journey, we have discovered an excellent alternative for our base in the Iberian Peninsula—a landing strip conveniently located near the French and Spanish borders, as well as an international port that facilitates communication with central Italy.

In addition, we have added a new page to our website with additional technical information about TrueLite. During the initial production phase, we will manufacture the basic kits in batches of ten units. We have received significant interest in this batch, and we would like to confirm your order and begin kit production.

We also offer the option of an advanced kit or a fully assembled kit. Some of our initial basic kits will be sent to distributors, who will have the opportunity to assemble their own demonstrators.

Please note that the discounted offer for the priority list will expire in the middle of this month. To request an offer, kindly utilize the form at the end of our website page. In the "special request" section, include your name and the email address used during the priority list ticket purchase.

To confirm your order, we will require a 50% advance payment of the basic kit price, with the remaining balance due when it is ready for shipment. Currently, we can provide you with an advanced kit or a ready-to-fly kit. The shipping quotation will be determined based on the kit type selected and will be confirmed prior to shipping.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please register on our website and select the "Become a Distributor" option from the menu. We will reach out to you and provide updates on the status of your request.

Thank you for your interest in TrueLite (formerly Zigolo mg21)!


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