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AVIAD Zigolo MG21order confirmation

We have fantastic news concerning Zigolo mg21 manufacturing.

We confirm that the start of production is scheduled for October.

During this long journey, we discovered a good alternative to relocating our base in the Iberian Peninsula on an airstrip that is still close to the French and Spanish borders, as well as an international port that can communicate with the center of Italy.

We've also added a new page to the website with more technical information about Zigolo mg21.

During the first phase of production, all basic kits will be made in lots of ten.

There are many registrations for this lot, and because you are subscribed, we would want to confirm with you and begin manufacturing the kit.

We can also prepare for you an advanced kit, or a totally assembled kit.

Part of our first basic kits will be sent to dealers who will be able also to mount their first demonstrator.

The discounted offer for priority list will expires in the middle of this month.

Use this form at the end of page to request an offer,

to agree at your discount in the special request space add your name, and email used during purchase of Priority list ticket.

To confirm the order we will ask you advance of 50% of the price for the basic kit and balance when ready to ship. We are currently able to provide you with an advanced or flight-ready kit.

The quotation of the shipment will be made according to the type of kit and will be confirmed before sending.


Please sign up on our website and select become dealer from the menu of options if you are interested in becoming a dealer. We'll get in touch with you and send you the condition.

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