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Maximizing STOL Performance: Upgrading TrueLite's Wing with Flap for Lower Stall Speed

The improvement of the wing design took longer than expected to enhance aerodynamics and ensure proper functioning during wing folding.

The elongated wing leads to a modification of the Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW).

The cut of the spar must be moved in accordance with the wing extension to allow it to fold without removing other elements or push pins. One pin, in particular, posed a challenge, but I found the solution and am very pleased!

The short part of the flap will be folded like a book, leaving space for the engine.

The flaps will remain connected, as will the ailerons during wing folding.

The flaps will be activated by a linear control since there is no space for manual flap control in the cockpit.

Initially, I would have liked to place them in the central part of the wing, but to simplify assembly and keep everything visible, I placed the linear control where the battery is located to be able to extend the flaps fully in 4-5 seconds.

I am working to automatically establish the 3 flap positions.

We will keep the central part of the wing free for potentially adding a small additional fuel tank or a battery.

Accomplished tasks:

- Ribs

- Flap design

- Wing and flap load calculation

- New mobile support for the ailerons

- The aileron will come out in line. I also added a differential aileron with an additional 2 degrees of deflection.

- Spar modification

- The wingtip is under design

- Adjustment of the rear spar for one-piece flaps

Upcoming tasks:

- Wing testing and fabrication.

- I will make modifications to the TrueLite prototype.

The wing design has taken longer than anticipated, and while we are currently in the midst of winter, progress continues steadily. Despite the chilly weather, we are in an advanced stage of development, and the wing is nearing completion. In the coming days, we should be able to share some aesthetically pleasing photos showcasing the recent progress. Despite the cold temperatures, the dedication to the project has kept us moving forward, and we look forward to updating you with visually appealing images of the wing's advancements.

TrueLite New wing


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