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AVIAD Zigolo MG21


Hi everyone, we inform you that the test flights of the Zigolo MG-21 are proceeding well and will continue throughout the Spring-Summer; we will continue the tests to collect data for DGAC certification and we are also carrying out the transport tests on a trailer because this is another important feature of the new model: it can be transported on a simple car trailer with a support designed by Aviad.

We will soon be able to publish the 2022 price list for the Zigolo MG-21 in the BASIC KIT (for Dealers/Dealers) and ADVANCED KIT (for Customers/Customers) configuration.

We are planning and material for a first production batch of 10 Kits that we will allocate, as a priority, to potential customers on the Priority List (i.e. those customers who have already booked by paying the reservation fee); we expect to finish the deliveries of these first 10 Kits by Christmas 2022.

Another important new feature is the new website; the new Aviad website will soon be online, with a new image and, above all, reorganized for easier and more effective navigation.

That's all for the moment, we'll be in touch shortly with an upcoming communication to update you on the evolution of the project.

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